Sports equipment for the development of the serve
Without a special simulator for the development of the shoulder joint, arms and hands, tennis players were forced to adapt different objects.

The pictures and videos show sports items that players still use to develop hand pronation and power of stroke when serving in tennis.
To find the best way to develop the biomechanics of arm movement and define the muscle groups on which a serve depends, inventors from France, fitness and tennis coaches, tennis players and a medical doctor, professor, have carried out a systematic analysis in serving.

As a result, experts have designed and produced an effective "ServeUp" simulator and 25 g racket weights (to gradually increase the weight of the racket, on which three exercises are performed to improve serve:

1. Hit the ball with the racket only with the hand to develop your hand and wrist.
2. Hit the ball accurately imitating the first serve to develop the strength and speed of the first serve.
3. Hit the ball to give the ball a strong spin to develop the second serve.
Simulator and racket