Tennis coaches, fitness coaches, tennis players and professor of medicine working together
World's first tennis simulator ServeUp to improve your serve
Suitable for right and left handed players
For tennis players aged 7+
Simulator + racket weights up to 220g + knee support
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Stable serves, super-fast first serve and strong spin second serve:
Weapon that gives confidence to the player.
Undeniable advantage over the opponent.
Indicator of the player's physical condition.
Measure of mastery.
Pleasure for spectators.
A strong serve is half the tennis match
Practice serving with the ServeUp simulator to win the game .
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Training with ServeUp is a quick way to maximise the number of aces by performing three exercises on the simulator:
To develop the hand - pronation.
To develop the first serve with pronation.
To develop the second serve with a ball spin.
Training methods are ready. Improve yourself!
Learn how the ServeUp works
You can improve your first and second serves on the only effective simulator ServeUp
Improve your serve
Stabilises the biomechanics of shoulder joint, hand and arm during racket acceleration.
Increases hitting power, ball speed and target accuracy in the service box.
Enhances hand pronation at the end of hitting.
Develops muscle and muscle memory of the serving hand.
The simulator effectively develops muscles of the shoulder joint, arm and hand involved in serving, as well as the biomechanics of hitting arm movement
Replaces all ineffective items previously used:
Rubber batons Serving Sock
Suspension ball on rod
Weighted balls up to 200 g to be thrown upwards
Rubber bands and other devices
Make your workout more efficient Improve your serve with ServeUp
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ServeUp has no analogues - it is unique and patented. The kit includes plastic weights of 22 g each. They are attached to the rim of the racket to gradually increase the weight.

A knee support is also available. Kneeling is the most comfortable, stable position for developing speed and hitting power.
ServeUp cannot be replaced with any other simulator or device
Weight 19 kg.
Easy to assemble and carry.
It can be set up on the court, in the gym, at home or at any site.
2 year warranty and further service.
Comfortable and reliable Simulator
The simulator is designed with regard to anatomical and physiological processes that occur during serving.
The muscles developed help prevent typical injuries caused by right/left hitting not only by serving.
No need for court and basket of balls.
The time required for the exercises is much less and the effect is much greater.
You can do exercises independently to develop pronation, first serve, second serve
Perfect for group and personal trainings
Increase a ball speed
Train effectively even if you don't have a trainer
Training methods are ready - get started and master
Developed 3 exercises to improve hand pronation and practise first and second serves
Watch the training
Exercises to develop the first serve
Watch the training
Exercises to develop the second serve
Watch the training
Exercises to develop the hand
Inventor from France
Tennis and fitness coaches
Professor, MD
Professional tennis players
A team of experts has worked on every detail
In tennis circles it was believed that only tennis players who had a natural gift for this sport could serve well. There is no doubt that with the ServeUp Simulator, many will now be able to hit the cannonball serve.
Experts engaged in the in-depth systemic analysis of the main muscles of arm movement biomechanics when serving:
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