Mimaltemer LTD is a company of inventors from France, fitness and tennis coaches, a professor of medical science and manufacturer that work on improving the serve in tennis.
In order to find the best way to develop the biomechanics of hand and arm movement and identify key muscle groups which are important for a serve, we have performed a systematic analysis in this area.

As a result, we have designed effective ServeUp simulator and loads to gradually increase the racket weight.
To develop your muscles and improve your serve:

1. First, do exercises to develop just your hand and wrist.
2. Then hit a ball with a racket, accurately imitating the serve.
3. To develop the second serve, the hits are made to give the ball a strong spin.

We care about our customer and are always willing to fulfill our obligations under the deal. We will only be satisfied if you are satisfied.

Your choice will undoubtedly benefit tennis players. After just one week of training on the ServeUp tennis simulator, it will be clear to the tennis player, coach and parents.